Angela Sciotti Vincent Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio @ DOVE HOLLOW GALLERY

Moonrise, Goshen Hills. oil on canvas, 24" x 36", 2022.

I am pleased to present my recent work. As you browse the pages I hope that you enjoy the variety of visual formats. I have been creating work professionally for the past four years but started drawing and painting at about age twelve and have created art in several formats throughout my life. All of my work is derived from interaction with the natural world.

Recent Work Sampler

Conveying rhythm, color, and the transformative forces of nature inspire me. I spent the past year intensively drawing then moved back to painting, creating both studio pieces and "plein air" landscapes. In the process of finding my way into a comfortable style, I rediscovered aspects of creating art as a spiritual pursuit.

For many years I used digital photography as a way to keep my eye trained when I was too busy to paint. The photographs have taken on a life of their own a Dovetails Digital Photography.

Happening now: Home, a Virtual Exhibit by Western Massachusetts Artists and Writers

Watercolor: Sisters Reading is included in this beautifully curatated show.

~ Angela Sciotti Vincent

updated 4/16/2022